With a focus on Franklin County, Missouri

Mail: 4RGS, P.O. Box 146, Washington, MO 63090

Dedicated to promoting genealogical research and assisting others in researching and documenting family histories.


You may come to the library and do your own research with no entry fee, just cost of copies! Our library monitors are knowledgable genealogists, know the Library and are available to help you while you are in the Library if you wish, at no additional cost. Your only cost is the usual 30 cents per copy-page for copies out of books or files and 50 cents for copies from microfilm.

Or you can save the travel and hire our researcher!!

Do you want to HIRE A Four Rivers' RESEARCHER or do you want Four Rivers to DO A LOOK-UP for you?


A "Look-Up" is defined as "easily-obtained information."

Examples are an obituary which might be available in our alphabetical obituary collections or in a newspaper which is near the date of the death (perhaps with you providing the date) or perhaps several Probate file pages on microfilm. A "look-up" typically takes 30 minutes or less to find plus time to write a reply to the requestor and to get the item in the mail.

Several look-ups usually require that they are treated individually, but as such they also require an amount equivalent to a donation of the ten dolloars for each one.

COST of a single"LOOK-UP" is only $10 for anyone, plus cost of copies of papers or microfilm source.


RESEARCH is defined as information which must be searched for and found in books, files, microfilm at the Four Rivers Library, or at a county office or on the internet. It may be information or records which take a bit of time to print out or to copy.

COST of RESEARCH is $15 per hour with a two-hour minimum for non-members.

COST of RESEARCH IS $10 per hour with a two-hour minimum for MEMBERS of Four Rivers Genealogical Soc.

Either of these PLUS COST of copies and postage.

To hire one of our researchers, send an email to inquire or send a letter and check to begin the process.

1. It helps if you tell our researcher briefly what you know about the ancestor whom you want searched for, and also tell us what you want to find. That way the researcher does not waste your time or money finding or looking for information you already know.

2. Click HERE to bring up the research form to fill out, or write your own letter. Enclose your letter or research-request form with your check and our researcher will work for you.

3. Include your telephone number or email in case the researcher needs to ask you a few questions to clarify the request.